Grander for Pools and Hot Tubs
Grander technology essentially transforms a swimming pool or hot tub from a dead, chemically dependent system into a healthy living system. Rather than chemicals maintaining clear, pathogen free water, the beneficial microorganisms performs these functions as they do in all healthy natural systems. Algae, biofilm, and pathogenic bacteria are starved of nutrients because the natural ecology of bacteria that develop in Grander pools and hot tubs process and remove nutrients from the water. The result is the highest quality water maintained with far fewer chemicals. In many cases, hot tubs and some pools can be completely chemical free.

The natural system that develops in Grander pools and hot tubs actively removes ammonia and other organic compounds from the water. Free chlorine, added to pools as an oxidizer, normally reacts with ammonia to from chloramines. It is chloramines that cause irritation to skin, lungs, eyes, and hair. Chloramines are also responsible for the chlorine smell that remains on the skin and causes poor air quality in indoor pools. Grander pools and hot tubs have far less chloramines in the water and require less added
chlorine because with less ammonia to react with, chlorine remains in it’s free state. Rather than chlorine breaking down organic molecules in the water, beneficial microorganisms digest the organics and maintain water quality.

The benefits of Grander treatment apply to both residential and commercial pools and hot tubs. Commercial hot tubs must be drained on average of every 10 days due to excessive foaming and poor water clarity. Grander treatment changes the drain frequency to an average of every 30 days saving money and providing higher quality water for the bathers. Commercial pools normally get a full return on investment one year after initial investment. Commercial hot tubs can see return on investment in less than 6 months.


Taos, NM Swimming Pool

The Taos Youth & Family Center swimming pools have completed the installation of the Grander Water Treatment System. Thank you for your assistance.

In many conversations with our patrons, they are commenting on the improved air quality of the facility. We no longer have the strong odor of chlorine that many pools experience. Our lifeguard staff is also reporting a big decrease in the consumption of our Pulsar Chlorine Tables. They report having to fill the chlorine hoppers far less frequently than prior to the installation of the Grander products.

A regular patron and swimmer reports that her skin is not nearly as dry as she has experienced over many years, and she does not need to apply skin lotion for dryness nearly as often. I have personally experienced the improvements in the air quality, noticing the Chloramines level in the are appears to be greatly reduced, resulting in the improved smell in the facility.

All this is to thank you for your products and the early indications are that the Grander products are performing as you stated.

Brain Greer, Director
Taos Youth & Family Center Thanks so much!

Santa Fe, NM Swimming Pool
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Ukiah Brewing Company & Restaurant
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