The Idea: Without water there would be no life
Knowledge about the stored healing powers in water is age-old. Many myths and stories from ancient culture groups prove this.

Johann Grander already knew more than 30 years ago how important it is to face nature and the element of water with respect. The beginning point for his thoughts was that the state of water is decisive for our well-being and preservation of the entire eco-system.

Through many years of experimenting and research Johann Grander came to the conclusion that water has the capability to transmit information. This transfer of information from water to water presents a physical uniqueness and was made use of for the first time in this form by Johann Grander.

The Concept: Increase in water
Water has an immune system. The fundamental idea of the process by Johann Grander is based on the concept of strengthening the self-cleansing and resistance of water through improvement of the water structure and thereby creating a stable immune system in water.

From nature water has very special characteristics, which it can only develop and unfold as long as it remains truly natural and protected from burdening environmental influences.

This is virtually impossible for our tap water. On the one hand it runs fresh from the source and is valuable, however long transport routes, pressure in the pipes, cell phone, radio and broadcast waves all have a negative effect on water - it loses its liveliness and becomes weak.

The task of water revitalisation is to restore the burdened water with lost characteristics as well as power for self-cleansing and resistance once again. Apart from that the water revitalisation takes on the task of balancing unnatural influences that reach us through water, food and our entire habitat.

The Principle: Information transfer as a basis
The core element of GRANDER water revitalisation is water. As "information water" is the described effective medium the GRANDER water revitalisation devices deal with water from a higher inner order, produced according to the special knowledge of Johann Grander. This information water is capable of transferring a higher order to non-revitalized water without coming in contact with it.

The special characteristics of revitalized water are transferrable to any water. The revitalisation is done by means of the GRANDER devices made of pure high-grade steel, which are filled with GRANDER information water and are directly installed in the water lines or they are installed in the water taps.

The devices work without electricity, without chemical additives and do not require any service or maintenance.

The information transfer is done without direct contact. An achievement that has gone around the world and has been used by many in households, swimming pools, hotel and wellness facilities, agriculture and gardening and in industrial and trade businesses.

The Effect: Biologically valuable water quality
Original water is brought to us by natural means in a very high and biologically valuable quality.

Johann Grander's goal has always been to make the characteristics of revitalized water - with all its positive effects for people, animals and plants - transferrable to every water and to allow all those who drink it and use it in their daily lives to profit from it.

Uncountable experience reports from private users, hotel owners, restaurant owners, swimming pool operators, municipalities as well as public institutions demonstrate much better in practice how the revitalized water from GRANDER really works.

In Practice: In use around the globe
The area of application for GRANDER water revitalisation reaches from private households all the way to business as well as industrial uses. The installation is done directly to the main water pipe. Alternatively there are device variations for individual connections, apartments and for mobile use.

The revitalisation effect of GRANDER water revitalisation devices can also be felt when the devices is in irregular use, for longer periods of non-use, for branched out pipe systems or circulations and is also retained after several years of use.

The effect has been confirmed through global users for more than 20 years; and the revitalisation effect does not diminish in any way through intensive use.

The GRANDER water revitalisation devices:




The GRANDER water revitalisation devices are built robustly, made of high quality high-grade steel, and thus, guarantee a longer life.

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